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Teeth Whitening Wedding Services

Can you think of a day when you smile more than when you do on your wedding day? A bride and her bridesmaids most prominent accessory is the smile! Our bridal teeth whitening home services is designed to beautify your smile and assure a wonderful experience on the big day. All the Wedding Teeth Whitening Services   include a special free gift for the bride. 

Bridal Home Service

Get Your Smile as White as Your Dress.                                                                  We all know how stressful can be the last days of the big moment! Manage the stress and get a smile! A new white smile as white as your dress. To reduce the stress, we come to your place! You will be smiling more gorgeous than ever before. Because sometimes looking special is the occasion. Using organic ingredients, the session is recommended any time before the big day for instant results up to 7-8 shades whiter.

Book now your session with only 500 aed advanced payment!

AED 1,250

 Bachelorette Party

What better place to relax, have a giggle with friends, enjoy some relaxation and pre-wedding pampering other than in the comfort of your own home? Not every bachelorette party has to be a rowdy night on the town—especially if it’s closer to the wedding day. Think outside the box and organise a reunion no one will forget.

Book now your session with only 500 aed advanced payment!

You and your bridesmaids or groom mates will be smiling from ear to ear on the big day, and there’s nothing more beautiful than a white #beauteethful and confident smile. The bachelor or bachelorette party home service includes one session of 60 minutes teeth whitening and two of 30 minutes teeth whitening sessions. For larger groups, we customize special packages. Use this time to really bond with your besties and make new memories! And, don`t forget, we have reserved a special free gift for every bride for the big day!

AED 2,500