Teeth Whitening Sessions


The FIRST impression is the best impression! Locate the nearest location and start the year with a fresh white smile.

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Wow! What a great deal! I had seen a dentist and was quoted AED 5000 for a tooth whitening session. I found Ibtisama and had everything done for 10%. My teeth have never looked whiter. Plus, this was done in a half hour instead of weeks and is completely pain-free and enamel safe. Our whole family and friends now use Ibtisama Teeth Whitening.


I couldn’t believe that my teeth looked this white after the session! I got 5 shades whiter in half an hour right before a very important meeting ! I’m so excited and I feel like I want to smile continuously! Amazing!


I always thought that if you have sensitive teeth, cosmetic whitening is not an option. but with Ibtisama, I have no worries because they use only organic ingredients that don`t affect my enamel. Moreover, i feel relaxed knowing that is a vegan andcrueltyy free brand. i totaly recommend.


I`m am a regular customer with a VIP Club Member that unlocks special deals every month in 5 stars locations. in my profession is important to have a bright smile and sometimes, when I don’t have time I call for a session at home or in the office.