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Teeth Whitening Sessions

We offer a range of teeth whitening sessions that guarantees instant results with every sitting. Using only organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, we offer a pain-free experience with every session. Make smile-care part of your beauty routine and check our customers’ #beauteethful white smiles in their before/after photos here.

Gold VIP Session

Behind the glamorous smile of some of our favorite celebrities lies a secret – the perfect smile! Gold VIP Session is designed to do that and more.

The complete session allows you to step in the celebrities world and be treated likewise with a variety of 3D entertainment movies of your choice, your favorite music, automated back massage and the cherry on top, feet massager! The Gold VIP Session will brighten your smile up to 7-9 shades. We recommend a follow-up with Express or Silver Session every 2-3 months for a long-lasting effect and the use of our products at home to maintain in-between.

Silver Session

A smile that blends naturally with your body is essential for self-esteem, confidence and has a real impact on your social success. The Silver Teeth Whitening Session is designed to beat them up and to fight against stains caused by food, dark-colored beverages like coffee and tea, and different lifestyle behaviors (tobacco) without harming your teeth. For a longer brighter smile and a good smile hygiene, we recommend to repeat the sessions regularly throughout the year and to use our retail products as a daily routine.

Express Session

A quick way to whiten your teeth and take care of your smile. Whether you are looking for a quick touch-up or to maintain your brighter smile, the Express Session is perfect for you! Up to 2-3 shades whiter on the spot will suit those who are pressed in time or decided to take a break in-between two shopping sessions.

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Wow! What a great deal! I had seen a dentist and was quoted AED 5000 for a tooth whitening session. I found Ibtisama and had everything done for 10%. My teeth have never looked whiter. Plus, this was done in a half hour instead of weeks and is completely pain-free and enamel safe. Our whole family and friends now use Ibtisama Teeth Whitening, ”



“I couldn’t believe that my teeth looked this white after the session! I got 5 shades whiter in half an hour right before a very important meeting ! I’m so excited and I feel like I want to smile continuously! Amazing!”