ULTRA WHITE AT-HOME Teeth Whitening Kit

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FREE Teeth Whitening Pouch

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Limited Edition
Luxurious black leather&velvet box
Your smile partner for the entire year
The only natural teeth whitening kit technology at your home
Safe for your enamel and pain-free

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At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit luxurious Limited Edition for a Bright, White, Dazzling Smile.

The Ultra White @Home Teeth Whitening Kit is developed to accomplish a confident smile throughout the year.
Bringing together the latest technologies and the power of natural ingredients the at-home teeth whitening kit is a perfect alternative for enamel-safe, ultimate teeth whitening and instant results. The innovative teeth whitening gel penetrate and whiten the stains embedded on the surface of the teeth, leaving them brighter and whiter.
Bold, elegant and must-have, the Ultra White @Home Kit is a Luxurious Limited Edition kit sufficient for 40 sessions.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 7.4 cm
Product Info:

Ultra White Professional Teeth Whitening Kit includes.

• 4 Teeth Whitening Gel Pens
• Traycase + LED Ultra Accelerator Light with integrated tray inside
• 5 Finger Wipes
• Pre-whitening Accelerator Spray
• Ultra Fresh Post-Whitening Mouth Rinse
• Teeth Shade Guide
• Oud Lip Balm
Your Ultra White@home teeth whitening kit is sufficient for 40 sessions and more. We recommend you that you use your kit twice a week on a regular basis.

How to use:

Under the whitening pens box, grab the traycase.

Open the traycase and take out the LED Light with integrated tray.

Dry your teeth with a tissue, insert a finger in the finger wipe with the acctivator spray, debris from your teeth to optimize the upcoming teeth whitneing session.

Roll and apply a thin layer of gel on the area you would like to get whiter teeth.

Place the integrated tray in your mouth and connect the LED light to the electronic device of our choice (Samsung, Iphone, Laptop)

Keep the tray in your mouth for minimum 15 minutes.

When finishes, removed the tray, rinse your mouth with water and gargle a small amount of mouth rinse

Check the teeth shade guide to see how many shades lighter your teeth are.


80 reviews for ULTRA WHITE AT-HOME Teeth Whitening Kit

  1. Elena

    The best home alternative i ever tried that actually works and i don`t have any sensitivity on my teeth. I was surprised to find a free gel pen and a lip scrub that i love it. I would like to buy it separate…

  2. Salama

    it really works guys!! i use it 5 times already and there is still gel in my first pen.

  3. s e (verified owner)

    This is really an excellent product. Probably the best I’ve used. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the whiteness. I will reorder this again in the future. Also it comes with a gift. Best of all it works! This will be the product I use from now on for my smile care.

  4. Husni Hassan

    A very fun experience and really cool to use

  5. Dana

    It really connects you with the world. I`m smiling more often since i bougth this kit. I’ve been using this whitening light for 1 week and i can see a differnece. So easy to use too!

  6. Rafeek

    I’m starting to love this Kit!
    Great experience.

  7. Latifa

    This kit is a complete surprise….the process was very simple, easy to apply gel, simple ways to handle tray and led light…all worth for amazing results.
    Super happy with my super white smile

  8. محمد منصور

    منتج و تجربة رائعة و النتيجة واضحة

  9. Ala’a

    Great results in a short period, and i love the fact that i can plug it into my phone, really cool!

  10. Bader

    great value for the amount of sessions you can get out of it, I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and i still have many session remaining, and the results are great

  11. خليفة

    منتج عجيب و نتيجة رائعة في فترة قصيرة

  12. Karylle

    Got my three shades whiter in a matter of weeks.
    I preferably recommend this Whitening Kit to my colleague and friends.
    Thumbs up Ibtisama!

  13. إسماعيل محمد

    التجربة جميلة و المنتج سهل الاستخدام و النتيجة اجمل شكرا ابتسامة

  14. Nadia

    Instructions easy to follow, the whole black kit looks fantastic, love the whitening pens inside to store easily as I travel a lot. After first time use, I was surprised to see the results in my case. Will continue to use, thank you for bringing confidence back into my smile!!

  15. Basma

    I’ve used my kit twice and people are already saying that my teeth look whiter. I myself noticed a difference after the first application. Loving the product, it’s fantastic and easy to use. Glad I bought it.

  16. احمد

    الجميع لاحظ بياض اسناني في فترة قصيرة المنتج ممتاز

  17. Nafisa

    It worked amazingly! My teeth are beautiful, much lighter and shinier 🙂 I got home kits for all my family and they are happy too. As they promised it doesn’t hurt. I have very sensitive teeth and it was fine. I will use Ibtisama Home kit regularly!

  18. كريم

    سهل و ممتع في الاستخدام والنتجة فعالة و جيدة و لا يأثر او يألم على الاسنان

  19. مهدي

    لاحظت الفرق على اسناني بعد اسبوع و خطوات الاستخدام سهلة و واضحة

  20. إسحاق

    استخدام المنتج ممتع و سهل، و النتيجة ممتازة

  21. هبة

    النتيجة ما كانت متوقعة، الكيت ممتاز

  22. رضا

    المنتج حلو ويبان مفعوله على الأسنان بسرعه

  23. علاء

    المنتج لديه جودة جيدة و لا يسبب حساسية على الأسنان

  24. بهاء

    it’s great and considered affordable for the amount of sessions you get out of it, also it is straightforward and simple to use.

  25. رانيا

    المنتج يعمل بسرعة و مفعوله جيد

  26. Ibrahim

    Amazing results in short time this is the best method for teeth whitening at home

  27. Maroon

    it`s the best home kit I ever used so far. :X

  28. Helen

    I was surprised to find a free gel pen and a lip scrub that I love it and I would like to buy it separately. Any plans Ibtisamabeauty?

  29. Ayisha

    works really well with fast noticeable results, also worth mentioning its user friendly with clear instructions

  30. سعد

    سهل الاستخدام و نتيجة التبيض واضحة بفترة قصيرة

  31. Muna

    In less than a week my teeth are a lot whiter and looking beautiful. Also it’s easy to use and the shipping was fast.

  32. Sara

    Using the Ultra White kit is a true fun process, painless and simple. And the results so far have been spectacular.

  33. عبد الرحمن

    جلسة تبييض الأسنان من العدة فعالة و سريعة المفعول

  34. Amin

    Use the ultra white kit 4 times a week and you will see incredible results. Amazing whitening for a quick session at home.

  35. فهد

    المنتج مفيد و النتيجة ممتازة. و من الجيد ان التعليمات مذكورة بالعربية و بالانجليزية

  36. Yasmin

    the kit is fantastic for home teeth whitening and can give you many sessions, i used it 10 times so and I’m not half way done with the gel

  37. سعيد

    العدة ذات جوده عاليه وسعرها جيد بالنسبة لعدد الجلسات و النتيجة

  38. Sami

    The kit is cheaper than the dentist and the results are fantastic. So try this instead of paying a lot of money

  39. Hossam

    Wow is all I can say. To anyone thinking about maybe buying the kit, I say DO IT- you won’t regret it!!

  40. Abdul Kashour

    I am a smoker and my teeth are stained yellow from the nicotine. When I began to use this kit I was apprehensive and was unsure if it would work. Half-way through the second week, my wife commented that my teeth look whiter and brighter. Well, this product has given me back my confidence to smile brightly at others, and not be ashamed of my teeth!

  41. Jamila

    Bought it just to try it out as the reviews were good. And I must say the product has lived up to its expectations.

  42. Yasmin

    !أنا ممتن لهذا المنتج! مؤثر جدا! الآن ، أستطيع الابتسام بثقة

  43. Charlie Hemington

    My girlfriend bought me this kit. I think my teeth had become really yellowish and have dark stains around the edges. I smoked for 5 years and quit a little over a year ago. I saw immediate changes to my teeth and got the results you see after a couple of days. I’d highly recommend this!

  44. Kaleela

    لقد وجدت أنه يقوم بعمل رائع في تنظيف وتبييض أسناني. يستغرق الأمر بضعة أسابيع فقط من الاستخدام اليومي لملاحظة التأثيرات العظيمة

  45. Elizabeth

    I found it to be more effective than any other at-home whitening product I’ve yet tried.

  46. Jessah

    It’s convenient and easy to carry around for a quick touch up smile care.

  47. Ziaul Qamar

    I apply the teeth whitening solution to my teeth, then brush with the gel, then apply the light for two minutes. I found the results noticeable and long-lasting.

  48. Yvez Whada

    This teeth whitening kit is pretty awesome. My teeth have significantly whitened with the help of this home kit. I mean, you can see the before and after pictures for yourself. 😉

  49. Eudora

    Fattal Smile kit works wonders, I recently came out of braces, my teeth were stained. The Fattal smile worked great,my teeth look amazing. I will purchase this again, and recommend to my friends and relatives..

  50. Rafaela

    I started using Ultra White at Home package about 3 weeks after getting my braces off and it has made a world of difference. I had the built up stains from where my brackets were and they are no longer visible. Plus my teeth feel great. I love to smile and show off my new straight and white smile now.

  51. Rubina

    I purchased this Ultra Home kit last month, surprisingly whitens my teeth and removes stain in 2 weeks only. Recommended to all coffee lovers like me.

  52. Camille

    I had wanted to get my teeth whitening done in Dubai, but I could not decide earlier, so I asked my office mate where I can do teeth whitening in Dubai but she told me about this teeth whitening product. So I did my research regarding this kit, and it was great result, really fast, easy, painless and hassle free.

  53. Sabrina

    I bought my daughter one as I had such remarkable results and I’d post before and after of daughter’s teeth if I could maybe I will on this page. Highly recommended!

  54. Jennifer

    This teeth whitening kit are easy to use at home teeth whitening system. Definitely worth the money!

  55. Irish

    I notice the brand in Mall of the Emirates. I ordered online the whitening kit and receive it within 2 days after with a free pouch. Delivery was even better than expected.

  56. Abida Aahil

    Best teeth whitening kit I’ve used! Great results after just first uses, they also taste great and are easy to use, would highly recommend!

  57. Shokoufah

    Now I can enjoy the benefits of white teeth from the privacy of my own home. Using this teeth whitening kit will definitely give you something to smile about. Well, I tested already and I am well satisfied.

  58. Marelee Napa

    Yeah! Remarkably this is the most dominant teeth whiteners, convenient and easy to use around at home. Highly recommended for family use!

  59. Georgia

    I’ve used half of the items in the box and I already see the difference. This teeth whitening home kit is easy to use. I’m very satisfied!

  60. Wafa Al Wabiba

    In fairness, this kit uses organic ingredients so as not to irritate my sensitive teeth and gums.

  61. Venus

    Impressive and very effective teeth whitening kit! Definitely worth to buy! 🙂

  62. Ellioth

    Personally, this is the safest kit of bleaching to use at home.

  63. Lamiya

    Intense results after just a few uses, short application time, doesn’t make my teeth sensitive. Perfect at home!

  64. Leni Isah

    I did 2 – 3 sessions applying this whitening treatments at home and I feel like that my stains are gently gone!

  65. Venus

    This teeth whitening kit offer a chance for regular people to do teeth whitening treatments from the comfort of our own home. Five star for this!

  66. Danica Al Fahtar Buzi

    This is the best teeth whitening bundled kit compaired to other brands. My family love this product and we’re all confident in showing our smile.

  67. Vivian Velez

    This teeth whitening kit for home is very easy to use, I have just started, and it seems to show a slight shade difference already. Awesome!

  68. Aisha

    I love this tooth home kit, and it is a great price. You’ll begin to see results after your first treatment, and I love how it promises not to cause tooth sensitivity.

  69. Matilda

    I am almost 30 years old, drink coffee and tea on a daily basis, smoked for 5 years, and have never whitened my teeth. I have not seen my teeth this white in a very long time. I had some yellowing toward the base of my teeth, and it is now gone. 5 out 5, I am very satisfied!

  70. Catherine

    I’ve brought whitening kits before but never really noticed much of a difference when using it, then I got myself this kit and started noticing a change just after the first couple uses. Recommended!

  71. Anabelle

    The teeth whitening home kit comes with an effective treatment, which is a complete round of whitening treatments. Pretty impressive and effective!

  72. Abigail

    This teeth whitening home kit is an exemplary tool, and produces satisfactory results, making it a worthwhile product to consider.

  73. Shaum

    I noticed such a difference in the 1st 3 days I’ve tried so many teeth whitening products This is the only one that has acctually worked for me delighted with my results I would really recommend this product !!

  74. Shiela

    This is the first teeth whitening treatment kit at home I have used and I really loved it! I noticed my teeth were whiter after the second day and my friends told me my teeth were whiter just after a few days!

  75. Carlita

    I just wanted to say that I am very satisfied with this home whitening kit product. Effective and super easy to use! Also good for family use.

  76. Jessah

    This whitening kit at home works quite well and I appreciated the fast delivery. Shukran!

  77. Kazha

    Great whitening product for home.

  78. Hayden

    Professional-level of whitening kit, consistent results at home, and really whitens my teeth!

  79. Danica

    Unlike other kits, the mouth tray fits over both sets of teeth at once. I was delighted with the results, even after just a few days as it left my teeth visibly whiter and cleaner. Easy to use at home!

  80. آل محمد

    .هذا المنتج جيد وفعال! يسعدني أن أوصي الجميع بذلك

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