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Mouth Rinse

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• Enhances whitening effects
• Provides protection after washing
• Mint taste
• Reduces plaque build-up

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Designed to enhance whitening effects by masking yellow stains

The Ultra Fresh Post Whitening Mouth Rinse is an add-on to all Ibtisama Teeth whitening products. Due to its special formula, this mouthwash has a dual action oral care: safely whitens stained teeth while getting rid of bad breath germs and preventing tooth decay.
Used twice a day, the Ultra Fresh Post Whitening Mouth Rinse is an effective daily support for a full healthy oral care.
Designed to enhance whitening effects, Ibtisama Ultra Fresh Post Whitening Mouth Rinse strengthens the enamel with essential minerals, making it an important step in the smile care beauty routine.
Along with the Ibtisama Whitening Tooth Floss is a must for a healthy #beauteethful smile.
It has a great refreshing taste for long-lasting fresh breath.

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