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#1 teeth whitening tool
100% natural wax coating
Refreshing Mint taste

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#1 tool to whiten teeth effectively

Easy-to-use, Ibtisama Whitening Tooth Floss provides instant freshness whilst it cleans and lightens teeth for a glowing smile.
Flossing daily with Ibtisama Whitening Tooth Floss helps to keep plaques from building up and remove food particles from the places between teeth and around the gum line, where even the most effective brushing can’t reach.
Thereby, it prevents cavities, inflammations and other gum diseases and most important, fights stubborn stains. Brushing alone can’t get to all the hard-to-reach places.
Made of resistant nylon floss, Ibtisama Whitening Tooth Floss is coated with 100% natural wax, to slide easily between the teeth and below gum-line.
Check out here tips how to floss like an expert.

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5 reviews for Tooth Floss

  1. Lamiyah

    It leaves my mouth and gums feeling clean and I love the minty flavor of the floss, it’s so refreshing.

  2. Farah

    I always have one of these in my bag, in the car; i`m addicted :))

  3. Garisson

    This floss is strong and a bit stretchy. It removes plaque better than most flosses I’ve tried.

  4. Adalene

    I love this floss, it’s cute little thing.

  5. Kamzukah

    Minty with firm thread. Like!

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