Teeth Whitening Home Kit (Fattal Smile)

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Whiten your teeth
Unique gel formula with Black Charcoal
Integrated mouth tray with Led Light
Enamel safe & Pain-free
Healing properties

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The smile care beauty routine that whitens teeth and heals in a natural way

The Professional Teeth Whitening Kit contains everything you need to care for your beautiful smile in an easy and completely natural way anytime, anywhere.

The Black Charcoal unique gel formula is a double action gel that not only helps to remove stains caused by tea, coffee, tobacco and colored food but also protects your enamel against the effects of acid erosion and heals your gums.

Used regularly, this unique kit will whiten your teeth tremendously and will leave your mouth clean and fresh without affecting your enamel.

The Fattal Smile kit takes care of your smile in all imaginable ways from beautiful, irresistible, sensual, addictive to natural, healthy and organic way. And last but not the least, with a confident smile.

The teeth whitening kit is designed to achieve the wanted fattal smile in less than 12 sessions. Results may vary from person to person.

Get now the Smile #beauteethful Pouch, designed and perfectly sized to fit all the Fattal Smile Kit components.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 16.5 × 5 cm
The Kit Contains

– 3 x 4 ml teeth whitening gel pens
– Led light
– Mouth tray in traycase
– Instructions guide


For optimal results, repeat at least 2 times in a row the session of 15 minutes. Do not rinse in-between the sessions but remove the gel with a tissue.
Colored food or drinks should be avoided right after the teeth whitening sessions. Use this whitening teeth kit as many times as you wish to reach the desired white results.

81 reviews for Teeth Whitening Home Kit (Fattal Smile)

  1. Salem

    The kit works pretty well, you see the results immediately and i received the kit in 2 days only.

  2. Rasha

    Fantastic Kit, Fantastic results with beautiful packaging and design.

  3. Majid

    Works incredibly well and quickly, and has an amazing price for the results you get!

  4. Maitha

    Great and easy product to use with excellent instructions, I saw significant whiter results within a few days

  5. Tarik

    Great results quickly, and a cheap option compared to many other treatments

  6. ريما

    المنتج ممتاز، بعد اسبوع تقريبا لاحظت فرق واضح في درجة بياض أسناني

  7. Nadim

    easy and simple to use with a step-by step guide, and great result

  8. Lara

    Great Kit for teeth whitening which works really fast, very convenient and easy to use

  9. Amin

    The teeth whitening kit is easy to use, has a step by step guide. You can get many sessions out of it and the results are great and noticeable.

  10. Huda

    You get noticeable results after a few times, and i didn’t suffer from any sensitivity using the fattal smile kit. Quick delivery too!

  11. Muna Jamal

    Cheaper than other treatments. It will only take a few minutes and it didn’t bother me while using it. Great results and a great teeth whitening kit.

  12. Marwan

    By far the best teeth whitening products i have ever used. amazing results and excellent quality

  13. Sami

    Fantastic teeth whitening kit, i didn’t feel any sensitivity and i didn’t feel any pain. Also its a very clean process its not messy to use. Love it!

  14. Samar

    This Fattal Smile kit, is by far the best teeth whitening products out there. Me and my friends tried many and nothing was good as this kit. Brilliant.

  15. Simina Elena (verified owner)

    Even my boyfriend noticed a difference in my teeth! He never notices anything like that! I’m getting him one too. XOXO

  16. Salah

    It does not make my mouth sensitive My teeth feel as clean as if I had just had them professionally cleaned. I am now proud of my smile. I recommend it

  17. Josh

    I’m so happy with my results!

  18. Regin

    Visible Results were seen quite fast, it tastes good and no pain at all.

  19. Stefani

    Don’t think I could ever find a teeth whitening system that actually works and got no sensitive teeth after

  20. Albert

    I use this when I have a spare 10 mins watching Netflix

  21. Helen

    Love that you can use this anytime and anywhere, great when traveling.

  22. Sani

    I order it online, been contacted right away to confirm the address and in 2 days arrived at my place. I receive a free gift with a customized message. Well organized, product looks very cool and trendy. i used it 2 times since than and i can see results already.i dont have any type of pain.

  23. Nobu

    Wow, results right from the first use! Cool packaging .

  24. Ritika

    after a month trying the product i think it did improve my teeth color since i drink tea and coffee lots everyday!

  25. Xania

    Ordered last Wednesday and I receive it on Saturday with a free pouch. Great and rast service!

  26. Elena

    Good results. Thank you for the free gift! i really need it one

  27. Khalid

    I don`t know if it`s because of the black charcoal but it`s really working i have no sensitivity

  28. Remus

    The best teeth whitening kit by far.

  29. Diana

    The delivery is ok, within 2 days i receive it. i was surprised to find a personalized handwritten note with a free pouch to keep the pens. This is a brand that respects its customers. well done guys and thank you for making my day.

  30. Vanika

    One teeth whitening that actually works.

  31. Simon

    Just receive it! looks great, can`t wait to try it.

  32. Violet

    It`s a good product, i could see my results after the first uses.

  33. Hanah

    I ordered the Fattal Smile Teeth Whitening Kit and am so happy I did. It worked great and though I have teeth sensitivity it didn’t bother my teeth. It worked so well I ordered a kit for my husband and his results were astonishing. He had major stains in between his teeth and with only two treatments they are almost completely gone. We are both very happy. I totally recommend

  34. Lisa Coper

    I love how white my teeth get from using this product

  35. Khalid

    So convenient and I can literally use it anytime, anywhere!

  36. Sukram

    It’s simple and easy to use and gets to work straight away to restore the natural white color of my teeth. Thanks!

  37. Erika

    This professional kit is super effective. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended! 😉

  38. Abdul Al Moshour

    I drink much of coffee and tea. I was first to try whitening teeth when I saw this on Instagram. I start seeing results from the second! I definitely get one extra for my brother.

  39. Joan

    This teeth whitening kit features easy ways to use. Its effective and I can carry it easy in its pouch, the car, in the purse, travelling etc.

  40. Aj Laman

    I applied this product each evening after brushing my teeth and i can notice the changes..

  41. Rafeeqa

    I love this this product kit and it is a great price. You’ll begin to see results after your first treatment, and I love how it promises not to cause tooth sensitivity.

  42. Matilda Hanna

    This is truly an great product! I have struggled for many years to get my teeth white. Spending tons of money on kits that don’t work. I finally found something that was able to whiten my teeth effectively! I got such amazing results and had zero sensitivity issues which can be common with teeth whitening products of other brands.

  43. Dana

    Well, unlike other kits out there that need to be used within a certain time frame, this one comes with three options so you can work it around your lifestyle. And in fairness, this kit is effective.

  44. Alysah

    Considering that you are not paying for expensive dental procedures, this is a very reasonable way to whiten your smile. Thumbs up!

  45. Elizabeth

    Once the forms are set to your teeth everything else is simple. I had noticeable results after just 2 times. And another one, they have a fast shipping! Kudos to the team!

  46. Shiela

    I hear about this product and after reading the teeth whitening kit reviews i decided to give it a shot and i am happy. I started to see the results with every use more and more.

  47. Wilma

    Thanks to this teeth whitening kit for an excellent and amazing product! It made me feel more confident and ended my week on a high.

  48. Lancelot

    I purchased Fattal smile kit and got it in the mail 2 days later just as expected. The teeth whitening solutions works wonderful and the customer service is top notch. I am one happy customer! I’ll definitely recommend this product!

  49. Danica

    So far, this is the best teeth whitening kit I’ve used.

  50. Amaniah

    !أسنان كبيرة تبييض المنتج مع نتيجة رائعة. بالتأكيد يستحق المال! نوصي

  51. Lindsay

    If you’re keen on this quick and painless teeth whitening treatment, I will recommend u get this one.

  52. Wendy

    Would definitely recommend this teeth whitening kit to my friends!

  53. Thurayyaa

    Great teeth whitening kit in delivering results! Cheers!

  54. Elizabeth

    I’ve been buying the Fattal Smile kit for about 2 years. And have always been happy and satisfied with their product kit and of course their services.

  55. Meghan

    This teeth whitening kit itself is one of the easiest to use.

  56. Sarah

    It was an easy painless and hassle free teeth whitening process! High five to this kit!

  57. Reham Sherbini

    It didn’t make my teeth that white as expected but i still recommend it

  58. Julia

    I love this product! Works amazingly than other brands and not nearly as expensive as a dentist’s office. Easy to use and it’s effective!

  59. Jasmin Khalifa Akhbal

    I’d say that this is the most significant discovery of ingredients formula for whitening teeth at home. Excellent product with results that doesn’t affect your teeth.

  60. Olivia Nasab

    Great product, shipped fast. Will definitely be ordering again!

  61. Christina

    This whitening kit comes with all of the tools I need to whitens my teeth.

  62. Amelia Carpio de Fuentes

    Just received this item and have used three times so far. I am very pleased with this whitening kit and would highly recommend it. Most importantly, only after three uses, my teeth are noticeably whiter than before.

  63. Elizah

    This whitening kit supplies you with everything you need for whiter teeth. It’s a win, win!

  64. Relu (verified owner)

    It removes more plaque in hard to reach places than a regular toothpaste. Great product!

  65. Bianca Masour

    Such an astonishing kit and really does work. Highly commend it to anyone that is looking for instant results. Love it!

  66. Carmina

    I love this teeth whitening kit, easy to use, hassle free and instant. You’ll begin to see results after your first treatment, and I love how it promises not to cause tooth sensitivity.

  67. Carolene

    To be honest, this is a professional teeth whitening kit that fulfills my wishes.

  68. Katy (verified owner)

    I love this kit with black charcoal. Works magic

  69. Jo252 (verified owner)

    Have 1 more day and it’s already a fantastic result, just ordered a new one.

  70. Hammam (verified owner)

    I liked it. easy to use. perfect!

  71. Dana

    I recommend this professional teeth whitening kit.

  72. Jessah

    I used this whitening kit, they really make my teeth bright all over! And made the look like brand news teeth!

  73. Regina

    a product which I highly recommend for those are lazy and looking for an easy procedure.

  74. Amiya Salem

    Intense results after just a few uses of this whitening kit, short application time, and doesn’t make teeth sensitive. Very good product!

  75. Jasmah

    I tried a few products, more expensive for whitening my teeth, such as Zoom kit from my dentist. Besides that i got normal result i got very sensitive teeth. even with the remineralisation gel was not effective enough to calm the pain. I got the same result with this Fattal kit but with not even one pain or uncomfy feeling of my teeth. i can use it as many times i want and have no worries.

  76. Abdullah (verified owner)

    نتائج مرئية بعد جلسات قليلة ؛ أفعل 2 جلسات متتالية ولكن على الأقل لا أشعر بالألم بعد

  77. Xyza

    So far, sooo gooood! This kit whitens my teeth, but the night truly makes your smile glow. My dentist also asked me how my teeth were so white. Double OK to this!

  78. Takudzwa

    I have used 2 times now. Absolutely no sensitivity. Great results so far! Thumbs up!

  79. Aberforth

    Best for stain removal by using them once daily for 30 minutes, you’ll see great results in a couple days. Highly recommended!

  80. Trisha

    Ease of use really set Fattal Smile kit apart from the rest. It was super easy to apply after brushing my teeth.

  81. Delilah

    I’m really stunned at how quickly this worked on my teeth. I’ve tried other commercial products like Crest and HiSmile but my teeth are really sensitive so I couldn’t use them much. But, Fattal Smile made my teeth clean and whiter in just a few days without experiencing teeth sensitivity. I would definitely recommend it.

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