Teeth Whitening Foam

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New White Active ® Formula
Removes Stains and Fast Results
Enamel Safe and Easy to use
Fresh Mint Flavor
Vegan and Cruelty-Free

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Remove stains and whiten teeth effortlessly!

Ibtisama Beauty Deluxe Teeth Whitening Foam contains a revolutionary New White Active® formula that removes stains and whitens teeth safely and rapidly as it dissolves particles and penetrates stains beneath the surface, making it more effective than any whitening foam.

The micro-foaming formula penetrates the space between the teeth better than any ordinary toothpaste leaving your breath nice and fresh. The unique formula is peroxide free and 100% enamel safe, recommended for sensitive teeth.

DeLuxe Teeth Whitening Foam is also great to use in between treatments to maintain last longer results. It is recommended to use along with Fattal Smile kit.

Simply apply a moderate amount of foam to a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes. Keep in mouth without rinsing for 3 minutes. For optimal results use it twice a day.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 13.5 cm

18 reviews for Teeth Whitening Foam

  1. Saleem

    using the foam daily will result in better whitening for your teeth. You will see a big difference with time and it also has a great minty feeling while using it.

  2. Farrah

    This foam actually works pretty well with great customer service and quick delivery. will be ordering more for sure.

  3. Sara

    I noticed the difference after just a few uses. Easy to use, simple to maintain, and an affordable way to a brighten your teeth.

  4. Hiba

    The foam has a great minty flavor and works amazingly

  5. Mariam

    sounds crazy at the beginning of having a foam applied to your teeth but actually, this product gives the shining smile that i`m trying to achieve for long. It convinced me to try the new kit also. il let you know my opinion

  6. laurance

    bit strange at the first attempt but after few days only i`m starting to see the effects.

  7. George

    So thankful for this product. I now have a beautiful, white smile!

  8. Al Kareem Mustahil

    Even after just one use I could tell a huge difference. Not only were my teeth amazingly much whiter but there also was no sensitivity.

  9. Howard

    I’m a smoker and this foam helps me to remove stains on my teeth!

  10. Hilary

    I immediately noticed a whiter and brighter smile. Thanks to this product!

  11. Karen Gina Poe

    Well, this product kit helps me back my awesome smile.

  12. Salamah

    !يساعدني على إزالة بقع أسناني وإعادة الثقة بابتسامتي

  13. Qaira

    Absolutely loved it. It whitened my teeth without causing any sensitivity.

  14. Malika

    It is highly effective for removing even the stubborn stains.

  15. Uzma

    It has a gentle foaming action so that all the teeth are cleansed completely without any part of it being left out.

  16. Lalila

    This whitening foam is something new. Can`t find it on the market. it`s quite good!

  17. Quitana

    Proven effective in removing teeth stains!

  18. omar

    you will get an impressive result within few days . i love this product , it is gentle with no harm or sensitivity , you can definitively trust it . very effective and quite save. thanks likewise for the staff there and for Ms. Dana , she was so kind and assist me very well to select fitted product. i got a comprehensive background about those products and how to select the suitable one for your teeth and for your situation . wish them the best

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