Teeth Whitening Strips

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Advanced Teeth Whitening Technology
14 Sessions (including 1 upper & 1 lower)
Guaranteed visible results
Enamel safe & Pain-free
Organic & Mess-free

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Professional teeth whitening strips


A two weeks teeth whitening strips program designed to whiten your natural teeth and gently remove years of stains. Each box comes with 14 strips, individually packed with one upper and one lower side enough for a complete 2-weeks session. The Ice White Teeth Whitening Strips can also be used only now and then to add some extra white shades to your smile. Unlike other strips, the Ice White Strips are chemical free and use a strong whitening gel made with organic ingredients that help remove stains and keeps safe the enamel.
Each teeth whitening strip session takes 30 minutes and is mess free: easy to use while you follow the normal path of your day like being in the office, work out at the gym, talk, or drive between meetings. Easy to store is the best “friend” to have in your traveling bag.
Having a bright white smile is not only beautiful to look at, but it can help improve your self-confidence. Make Ice White Strips part of your beauty routine! To enhance the effect of your whitening use the Deluxe teeth whitening Foam to get removed those hard to reach stains.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 11.8 × 2.5 × 6.2 cm
Product Info:

One pack contains 14 teeth whitening strips

How to use:

Each teeth whitening strips session takes 30 minutes and is mess free: easy to use while you follow the normal path of your day like being in the office, work out at the gym, talk, or drive between meetings.

Easy to store, is the best “friend” to have in your bag.
Having a bright white smile is not only beautiful to look at, but it can help improve your self-confidence. “

98 reviews for Teeth Whitening Strips

  1. yahiya

    Good items for whitening..

  2. s e

    This is the best alternative for home teeth whitening. I just love it..:X

  3. s e (verified owner)

    My dental hygiene is great except for the yellowness.
    I saw this on Instagram a few times and decided to give this a try. I’m so happy that I’ve bought this!! Thank You Ibtisama Beauty!

  4. Ahmed Kareem

    results where way better than what i expected, great results!

  5. Khadija

    These Strips are Fantastic!
    I’m so happy that I bought this product.
    It’s more than what I expect.
    Easy to use and it is pain-free:)

  6. Paloma

    Got great results with this strips and so easy to apply.
    I would definitely buy this product again.

  7. Aalya

    Works great! I love this product. It works extremely well and definitely worth the money…Highly recommended!
    Have a happy smile 🙂

  8. ماجد

    منتج ممتاز، سهل الاستخدام و بدون ألم و النتيجة اسنان بيضاء

  9. Mahi

    My friend recommended this product and I was not sure when I got to know about IBTISAMA ICE WHITE STRIPS 🙂 I ordered and started immediately and the results were very remarkable!!

    Goodbye yellow days and hello to bright and white smile now 😀

    Thanks to IBTISAMA for an amazing product.

  10. Charlene

    Make sure you will add this product to your daily routine.
    You will love it!

  11. maxwell

    I bought the ice white strips twice, absolutely love it

  12. Ali

    The teeth whitening strips is easy to use and it’s working! I’m very happy with the results. Thank you!!

  13. Samira

    I saw this product on Instagram and I tried to use it.
    Well, it is more than what I expect!
    It really works.My teeth become whiter than before.
    Thank you Ibtisama.

  14. طارق

    السعر رائع مقارنه بالاسواق والنتيجة ممتازة

  15. كرم

    منتج رائع لتبييض الأسنان المنزلي و سهل الاستعمال

  16. Riya

    This is the first time trying this product and I am absolutely loving the instant results! Would definitely recommend it to family, friends and anyone that is considering the home teeth whitening for easy & fast results.

  17. leen

    I noticed results after my first application. It’s easy to use and so practical to fit into my weekly routine. Have been, and will be recommending to friends!

  18. Zaina

    Painless on my sensitive teeth and easy to work.
    I just pop it in and go about my housework while waiting for it to work its magic.

  19. سعيد

    تبييض الاسنان في المنزل بسرعة و نتيجة فعالة، المنتج رائع

  20. Mayada

    Fantastic! A teeth whitener that actually works! Really shocked at the change. Definitely recommended!

  21. محمد

    النتيجة أفضل من ما توقعت, منتج ممتاز

  22. جاسم

    سعيد جدا بشراء المنتج النتيجة رائعة

  23. fatima

    Easy instructions have only tried twice so far, amazing results waiting to see more brighter teeths after every use, but I am impressed.

  24. جاسم

    لصقات جيدة جدا و مفعولها سريع و سهلة الاستخدام

  25. معاذ

    رأيي بعد ٧ ايام من استخدام هذا المنتج انه ممتاز و فارق كبير بالنتيجة و واضح البياض

  26. Shadi

    My first time trying a whitening product, and it worked really well.

  27. حمد

    بدءت استعمل شرائط التبييض من ٥ أيام و لاحظت الفرق في بياض أسناني. سعيد جدا بالمنتج و انصح به

  28. عمر

    المنتج رهيب و سعره مناسب

  29. جميل

    الصقات اعطت نتائج بسرعة و بسهولة

  30. Mahir

    The best part is that you don’t feel it in your mouth it is like not even there, i am very happy with it!

  31. Diva_dxb

    Love it girlz, I`m using every time before clubbing

  32. Ghazal

    So happy with the results IBTISAMA ICE WHITE STRIPS gave me. Can’t believe how white my teeth are!

  33. Arif

    works really really well and has a reasonable price, a must try

  34. منير

    المنتج يعمل بسرعة و بشكل فعال، و الامر الرائع اني لم اواجه اي حساسية

  35. عدنان

    المنتج جميل ومفعوله مرئي و واضح، السعر مناسب بالنسبة للباقي منتجات التبييض

  36. داليا

    الصقات فعالة جدا ، بييضت أسناني في وقت قصير

  37. Dania

    These strips did not give me any sensitivity and I’m really happy with them and with the results

  38. Nura

    The ice white strips are effective and whitened my teeth in a short time

  39. Abeer

    use the strips daily and you will see amazing results in less than a week

  40. Alaa

    It’s very effective. I have used a few strips only and i can totally notice a difference.

  41. Dana

    I have one of this in every bag, in the office, in the car. it`s addictive the glowing that your teeth get it after using this.

  42. Christina

    Double Thumbs up

  43. Mara

    The strips take 14 days to get a nice result. after 3-4 days i could notice the first results

  44. daniel

    the best so far! i recommend

  45. Lina

    it`s my 10th day of treatment and i am happy with the results. I tried before other brands but didn`t like it, I had too much pain and suffered a lot. it`s not the case with the ICe white Strips

  46. Velin

    Awesome. I got the offer. thank you guys!

  47. Tracy

    It`s my 6 day of treatment and i can see good results. i like it becuase i dont have any type of pain

  48. Sophia (verified owner)

    Literally obsessed with the strips. Best teeth whitener I’ve ever used!

  49. Aziz (verified owner)

    Best teeth whitening I’ve EVER used. Gotta try it to believe it!!

  50. Pardeep Sohal

    I brushed my teeth after I used the strips. I got great results from this product!

  51. Zara

    This teeth white strips noticeably whitened my teeth which is brilliant for the price. I’m sticking with it.

  52. Jessica

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more confident flashing a smile before. I’m officially addicted to this product, and I have plenty left over to continue using it.

  53. Elizabeth

    This product works a bit differently than the others out there!

  54. Azraa

    Thank you so much for this great product my smile was definitely brighter than it was before.

  55. Angelina

    I am obsessed with what this magical strips did to my teeth! I’ll buy one for my hubby!

  56. Iqbaal

    Well, this strips are pretty amazing. After one use the result is totally noticeable!

  57. Kasmira

    You can expect to see noticeable results in terms of whitening within 3 days of usage and for more significant results you need to apply strips for full 15 days. Very effective!

  58. Laarni

    This offers a no-slip grip, which allows me to drink water and talk while wearing the strips!

  59. Diana Zobel

    I saw noticeable results after the first day of applications. it`s an amazing product!

  60. Mia Khali

    I love this strips, it maintains my smile, which only takes 10 to 15 minutes to brighten my teeth. Two thumbs up!

  61. Catherine

    Peel the strips off, rinse mouth out, and boom! Instantly whiten your teeth! It’s a magic!

  62. Wajeeha

    .كبير الأسنان تبييض المنتج. أنا سعيد للغاية في النتيجة. سأشتري مرة أخرى لأختي

  63. Halili

    I was pretty amazed with the result! Yeah! It whitens my teeth and bring back my confidence to smile. Try it!

  64. Natasha

    I applied this teeth whitening strips and the result was fantastic!

  65. Olivia

    Effectively and safely whiten my teeth with minimal tooth sensitivity.

  66. Jasmina

    These teeth whitening strips are easy to use and it’s chemical free. I`ve used crest teeth whitening strips before and struggle with lots of pain. Bu Ice White Strips are pain-free for good.

  67. Qadira

    This whitening strips is painless and easy-to-use. I am very happy with the results!

  68. Veeda

    I can say that this strips was a complete surprise! Yeah! It was super easy to apply after brushing my teeth. <3 <3 <3

  69. Shakirah

    These professional whitening strips offered me a brighter, whiter smile that boosted my self-confidence. I personally recommend this teeth whitening product.

  70. Izzah

    Adheres firmly on my teeth, excellent for sensitive teeth! Worth to buy!

  71. Harinah

    Easy to use teeth whitening treatment kit, helped my perfect smiles back.

  72. Nadine Reid

    I have already noticed a huge difference which is truely amazing! Thanks to this whitening strips!

  73. Izmah

    This whitening strips works great and doesn’t hurt and I applied it to my teeth and after a few minutes I already see the result! Try it!

  74. Areebah

    I found it to be very effective in removing stains, I don’t know of any other products on the market that have the benefits of Ibtisama Teeth Whitening strips. Effective product!

  75. Elizah

    No other teeth whitener strips even comes close to this product when it comes to credible positive result. Thanks for this great product!

  76. Abigail

    Dramatic results after just a few uses, short application time, doesn’t make teeth sensitive!

  77. Georgia

    I was amazed to see the difference in just one hour on my first whitening application.

  78. Carmina

    These strips can absolutely take your smile from drab to dazzling and they can do it faster than you think!

  79. Dianne Santiago

    Have only used this teeth whitening strips twice and already have noticed a huge difference. Highly recommend this strips especially if you’re looking for fast results.

  80. Manilyn

    These whitening strips are super amazing and really do work to help whiten my teeth. I’d love recommend this product to my friends!

  81. Ellaine Salem

    Surprisingly, these teeth whitening strips meet my expectations, and super easy to use. Satisfied here!

  82. Ali Abu (verified owner)

    The new design is great and the same good quality. Awesome

  83. Sarah (verified owner)

    Got them by curiosity at a special price and since than i`m using weekly. It`s part of my beauty bag

  84. Halili

    It is a great maintenance teeth whitening product that I would buy again. 🙂

  85. Badette

    I have used 2 sachets so far and I can already see a difference. I use the upper and lower strips both on my upper teeth and they work just fine.

  86. Alona Sabel

    Very effective and super easy to apply! Thumbs up for this whitening strips!

  87. Regina

    Firmly attached to my teeth, superb for sensitive teeth, doesn’t contain bad chemicals and quick result!

  88. Rose Abbie

    I tried Crest Whitestrips, but had sensitive teeth from the first use and couldn’t finish the entire box. I read about ICe White teeth whitening strips as being organic and not using chemicals. I just order it and I hope it works…

  89. no_name_user (verified owner)

    the gel sticks well to the teeth and can keep it for 30 minutes, even more ..

  90. Daniela

    For me, this whitening strips worked better than the crest strip because i dont get the sensitivity after using it.

  91. Amir Khan

    I am a heavy smoker and it works wonders. I recommend this

  92. Sofiah Hussain

    Needless to say it is pretty good teeth whitening strips in the market today.

  93. Lovy Poe

    This whitening strips is effective as Crest 3D strips, even if you have very sensitive teeth. For those who have not been able to use the more effective whitening products this is a great product.

  94. Donna

    I’ve used this whitening strips and love them! I’m heading to their shop today to get a box for my bf! I wish the box came with some sort of way to record the color of your teeth before then after.

  95. Shanti

    I used them as instructed the first time and now use them once every other week to keep my teeth white. I personally recommend this!

  96. Maricel

    I love that the results are quick and organic. Easy to use, nice strips! <3

  97. Caicai

    I’m a coffee drinker and wanted a fast whitening treatment for my graduation. These are super easy to use and work really well. I only did 7 treatments before graduation and the difference in shades and it was superrrrrrrr noticeable!!!!

  98. Janinah

    I was very impressed with how quickly effective the product. Perfectly fit strips!

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