24K GOLD Brilliance Toothpaste

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Limited edition
Effective tooth cleaner
Healing for gums

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The World`s First 24k Gold Infused Toothpaste.

Ibtisama has combined the properties of the precious metal Gold 24 Karat with the tooth whitening Brilliance Toothpaste formula into an original and highly effective product.
With the added benefits of gold, the limited edition of the toothpaste delivers professional tooth whitening and cleaning results to help you achieve a beautiful smile without the need for harsh abrasives and bleach.
The benefits of using Gold 24k for oral care:

  • 24K Gold is an anti-inflammatory effect and helps increase blood flow.
  • 24K Gold is an effective tooth cleaner.
  • 24K Gold protects against tartar and in long-term use reinforces enamel layers.
  • 24K Gold heals the gums.
  • 24K Gold is edible and non-abrasive.

Low in abrasion but rich in minerals and gold leaf, the toothpaste helps remove surface and deep stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and spicy foods, to brighten, lighten and whiten your teeth.
The World`s First 24K Gold Infused Toothpaste is perfect for those with sensitive gums.
Grab it before it ends! It`s a Limited Edition if the original Brilliance Toothpaste!

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 15 cm
How to use

Brilliance Toothpaste makes brushing your teeth a more enjoyable experience. Containing patented cleansing technology, calcium dioxide and other mineral oxides all working alongside each other, Brilliance Toothpaste provides you with the optimal stain removal and whitening strength that is unmatched!
Replace your ordinary toothpaste with one of our gem inspired Brilliance Toothpastes

37 reviews for 24K GOLD Brilliance Toothpaste

  1. Hanna Fedura

    I must say that this toothpaste helps whiten my teeth and the taste is not strong. Nice product!

  2. Aminah

    This toothpaste can do better job in removing my teeth stains in just 2 weeks.

  3. Veeyana

    This toothpaste does lighten my teeth quite noticeably after a few uses!

  4. Joanne Lee

    Woah! This toothpaste has been working well on my teeth!

  5. Samantha Kashour

    My teeth felt cleaner, and my breath felt oh-so-fresh. 🙂

  6. Husaini

    .هذا معجون الأسنان فعال جدا. يزيل بقع الأسنان في أسبوع واحد فقط. راض العملاء هنا

  7. Maxima

    I got one limited edition!

  8. Hanah

    !مذهل جدا! طعم خفيف لإزالة تجويف الأسنان. منتج جميل

  9. Asimah

    Probably the best innovative way to wear gold, on your smile.

  10. Gabrielle

    It gently removes stains and mildly lighten my teeth.

  11. Hamannah

    This toothpaste tastes minty and gently polish away my teeth stains.

  12. Yaasmeen

    !مجموعة تبييض الأسنان فعالة جدا في المنزل

  13. Sarah

    .استخدم هذا المنتج مرتين فقط وقد لاحظت وجود فرق كبير. نوصي بشدة بهذا المنتج خاصةً إذا كنت تبحث عن نتائج سريعة

  14. Uzma

    !معجون الأسنان هذا فعال. هذا هو اختياري الشخصي. مؤثر جدا

  15. Karla

    I was impressed by the efficiency of this toothpaste, it’s all worth! I’d love to recommend this to my friends and classmates!

  16. Rebbeca

    My teeth felt cleaner, and my breath felt oh-so-fresh!

  17. Hanabi

    It’s not nasty, minty but not too minty, refreshing, doesn’t burn, and leaves you smelling nice and fresh.

  18. Joan

    The toothpaste not only whitens the teeth but also fights dental issues like cavities and sensitivity of my teeth.

  19. Zaani

    If you are consistent and use it for a month you will notice the whitening effect with great taste and great result!

  20. Scarlette

    This whitening toothpaste left my teeth visibly whiter and cleaner.

  21. Jenina

    Safe and effective, this give you the white results you’re looking for!

  22. Georgina

    I absolutely loved it! It whitened my teeth without causing any sensitivity plus the taste of it.

  23. Maae

    It`s the coolest toothpaste i have ever used!

  24. Jamal

    Just received… tried few times already…nice one… love it

  25. Jean

    the product is very well packed, and just simply beautiful. the toothpaste is a tooth gel and has real pieces of gold. this is cool!

  26. Marta

    My mouth feels so fresh and clean with this toothpaste.

  27. Wendy Al Futtain

    I love this toothpaste so much! It gives me the best results that I needed! Soooo freshhh!

  28. Sharon

    This toothpaste gently and gradually whitens my teeth stains and taste is also refreshing. <3

  29. Fadila

    Looking for a less intense way to whiten your teeth, this toothpaste is worth a try. And it’s classy btw.

  30. Goe

    أتمنى المزيد من الطعم الطازج. هذا كل ما في عداد المفقودين معجون الأسنان هذا

  31. Isabel

    Works surprisingly! My teeth have never felt this clean!

  32. Felica

    It works to naturally brighten teeth without using harsh or grating chemicals like peroxide. Big okay, Ibtisama!

  33. Shazana

    This is my personal favorite and the one I use. What I really like about it is that its unique formulation has a lower abrasiveness, decreasing the likelihood that it will damage your tooth enamel while removing stains.

  34. Eliyah

    Magnificent whitening product. In a week plus usage I can see the difference.

  35. Anatswanashe

    It works well…. I love the not so strong mint flavor…. Overall is good.

  36. Daphne

    It has a minty flavor which is not very strong and it keeps the mouth fresh for hours together so the user does not have to worry about halitosis.

  37. Maciah

    Good replacement of common toothpaste in the market.

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