All you need to know about teeth whitening sessions and teeth whitening products answered and explained here.

What is Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?
Cosmetic teeth whitening is the process of whitening your teeth by removing stains and discoloration due to regular consumption of colored beverages and tobacco. Cosmetic whitening is among the most popular cosmetic beauty routines as it can greatly improve how your teeth look and as a result, improves your appearance, your smile, and increase your confidence.
Ibitisama offers a variety of choices in fulfilling your cosmetic teeth whitening goals.
What are the reasons for stained Teeth?
The most common reasons for teeth yellowing and discoloration include:
Foods/drinks. Coffee, tea, colas, grape beverages, tomato sauces, curry and certain fruits and vegetables (for example, strawberry and pomegranate) can stain your teeth.
Tobacco use
Poor dental hygiene. Inadequate brushing and flossing to remove plaques, debris and stain-producing substances like coffee and tobacco can cause tooth discoloration.
Medications / Antibiotics
Is it Safe?
Yes.Ibtisama Teeth Whitening packages & products are chemical free and as a result they are safe. Our products do not change or damage the structure of teeth. It just makes teeth whiter and brighter!
Will the products damage my tooth enamel?
Absolutely not. All Ibtisama products do not contain peroxide or other harmful substances and as a result will not damage tooth enamel. It’s 100% enamel safe.
I have sensitive teeth, will this hurt?
No. Our products are peroxide free making it ideal for those who have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity is typically experienced in those who use products that have harsh chemicals and harmful substances.
Is there anyone that cannot whiten teeth?

Ibtisama products and packages are suitable for people over the age of 16 and have healthy teeth and gums. Not recommended for pregnant women.
Individuals with any oral infections, tooth decay or gum disease should refrain from any teeth.  Please visit your dentist at least every 6 months for a checkup and teeth cleaning.

Can I whiten my teeth if I have fillings, veneers or tooth jewellery?
Yes. But the whitening will only be effective on natural teeth. Veneers and fillings will remain the same color even though we experienced veneers getting much shinier after the use of our cosmetic products!
Is teeth whitening expensive?
Ibtisama Beauty is competitively priced and in some cases the best prices you will find in the UAE! We are committed to providing a range of budget-friendly packages and products that will ensure you to pamper your smile on a regular basis for the perfect look. Click here to find all.
How many sessions should I consider to begin with?
If you have never whitened your teeth before, a series of 3 sessions would be a good start to achieve substantial results. The first three sessions are suggested within a 2-3 months time period, than the follow-ups should be received every 3 months until desired look is achieved. In between, the use of our Ibtisama maintenance products is recommended.
I have completed a session. How soon will I begin to see?
Results vary from person to person. Factors to consider are: the type of teeth (natural VS veneers), enamel thickness, general oral health and age. On average a person will notice an impressive difference in just one session. To best combat stains that have been accumulating on your teeth for many years, we recommend at least three sessions, to be conducted regularly in order to achieve and maintain your impressive results! We offer various sessions with various durations, designed to cater to each individuals whitening goals and needs.
Prior to your session, whether it is an Express or Coffee Lover & Smoker Package, a member of our team will observe and record your current teeth color. Upon completion of your session, you will be shown your progress immediately!
I have completed a session. How long will the results last?
This varies from person to person and depends on your lifestyle habits. In general, the effect should typically last up to 3 months. We offer follow-up sessions, which most of our customers do every 3 months.
How frequently can I whitened my teeth?
Whitening is not a one-time procedure.It will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.
We recommend that you book a session every 3-4 months. In between sessions we offer a variety of products that can be used at home to extend and maintain the results of your session.
How does LED light technology whitened my teeth?
Our LED lights cosmetic teeth whitening are EU compliant and are made in USA. They have been selected to perfectly activate the whitening gel for faster and optimal results. The LED light is a cold light with blue spectrum. Ibtisama doesn’t advocate laser methods as we want to be 100% non invasive for the smile. The LED light alone won’t whiten your teeth, but when combined with both light and gel we can extract fabulous bright results. Mini LED lights are also available in our Ultra White@home kits.
Who will assist me during the whitening process?
A member of our friendly Ibtisama team will assist you. They are not dentists as this is not a medical procedure, it is cosmetic. All of our technicians are trained and will guide you through the entire process for a self-administered session.
Should I use my regular toothpaste as well as the Brilliance Toothpaste or Deluxe Whitening Foam?
No. Your Brilliance Toothpaste or Deluxe Whitening Foam is to be used as your daily toothpaste and as a result no need to use any other toothpaste.
How is Ibtisama different to other teeth whitening products?
All of our products contain natural ingredients and in some cases organic ingredients. It has been Ibtisama’s mission to offer products that are of a high grade quality and have been tried and tested, while recognized worldwide. Ibtisama is the GCC’s exclusive distributor of these products. Created by one of the world’s leading professionals in oral health care in the USA, known worldwide for being among the first to formulate over the counter teeth whitening chemical-free products that whiten tremendously with no harm to the teeth.
How long should I continue my sessions?
We suggest that you approach cosmetic teeth whitening as part of your regular beauty routine. If we pay attention to our teeth on a regular basis we will always maintain a bright, white smile! In addition, we will look younger, healthier and feel more confident.