Before any whitening treatment, it is important to prepare your teeth for this procedure, whether done at your dentist, at home, or at a cosmetic dental whitening salon. The recipe is very simple. You need a scaling. Scaling is nothing but the cleaning of teeth and gums.

This procedure is absolutely necessary and should be done at least twice a year at your dentist, even if you intend or not to do a dental bleaching treatment. And no, is not painful.

It is important to do it regularly and not just because the tartar is unpleasant. It damages more than you imagine. How? Simple! Tartar is formed when the bacterial plaque comes into contact with the saliva. Bacteria in the tartar irritates the gum, attack the root and the surface of the teeth. They also emit toxins that cause inflammation and infections in the gums. So, if your gum bleeds when you brush, it is very likely that one of the causes is the plaque on the teeth. In addition to this, tartar facilitates the appearance of caries.

However, tartar can be prevented by some simple, easy and effective methods at home:

– Brushes twice a day
– Use dental floss and mouthwash
– Get a professional tooth cleaning at least twice a year
It`s up to you to smile healthy and confident 😉
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