The love/hate relationship we have with coffee is actually pretty much just love. Love for coffee! So, what if we want white teeth but refuse to give up our daily cup of caffeine? What are the best teeth whitening tips to whiten teeth? We are lucky to have all the information you need to combat this, and we said we would share the knowledge and keep everyone smiling brightly:

  • Use a straw: Drinking teeth-staining beverages through a straw could prevent them from contacting your teeth.


  • Moderate the temperature: in general, beverages that are either extremely hot or cold make it easier for chromogens to stain and penetrate enamel. This is because the change in temperature causes teeth to expand and contract. Adding just a splash or two of milk to coffee lessens its staining ability.


  • Rinse or brush immediately after. Keep a bottle of water on hand to swish and swallow after you’re done with your coffee, or better yet, brush and floss as soon as possible.


  • Brush routinely: In addition to brushing and flossing after your staining beverage, make sure you have a daily dental-care routine.


  • Use natural whitening toothpaste: Brilliance Toothpaste is a double action vitamin enriched whitening toothpaste that not only gently whitens your teeth, but provides nourishment for your gums, making it the optimal toothpaste. Used on a daily base as a replenishment for the regular toothpaste will improve.


  • Teeth whitening: Our sessions from any of three the Smile Lounges are peroxide free making it ideal for those who have sensitive teeth suitable for people over the age of 16 and have healthy teeth and gums. Check here all the teeth whitening sessions


  • Keep it clean: nevertheless, visit regularly your dentist for a professional cleaning that will help keep a good dental hygiene.


It’s important to minimise the effects of the stains on your teeth and to remove them as often as possible. Overall, we don’t stop drinking coffee but we do make sure you look after your teeth. Hope you find useful our teeth whitening tips!

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