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About Us

We all regularly visit a salon whether it is for a haircut, massage or facial, but what about our smile? Looking after our smile should be part of our regular beauty routine. A smile is our best asset so why hide it! Ibtisama is committed to making you look and feel your best by providing chemical-free teeth whitening packages and a range of naturally based products rooted in ancient remedies, giving your smile the pampering it deserves.

Ibtisama, also known as “A smile” in Arabic terms, is a brand new natural teeth whitening concept fully designed and launched in the UAE. Being the exclusive distributor in the UAE of its made-in-usa products, Ibtisama guarantees that today you can experience and enjoy pain-free organic teeth whitening while instantly having your teeth whiter over a scale of lighter shades at the lounge or even within the vicinity of your own home through our dedicated team who will show up at anytime for the whitening session. Whether for a company, bachelor, wedding or any other occasion, Ibtisama has a tailored package for you.. The idea is simple enough to convey that the pain-staking and potentially harmful process of dentistry doesn’t have to be the only solution for whiter teeth. More importantly, the aim of incorporating a fun and enjoyable journey through various entertainment options such as 3D glass movies, back massage and a range of other privileges during the process is of essential focus within the comprehensive vision.

How a Smile can save a life

As I reminisce some memorable moments back in Geneva as a lawyer, there was one case which struck my well-being the most. I saw this case as one of the most challenging cases during my career. It all started when my client was wrongly accused of a crime yet facing severe charges. The judges were quite hostile and it just seemed that there was no way out of the tangled situation. To be able to levitate the hostile atmosphere in the court, the best idea I could get was to think positive and cross my fingers.
Having thought of that, I can still envision myself to this very day entering the room with a confident smile on my face and loaded with positive energy. This confident smile became contagious & opened the door to the dialogue. All the sudden, this attitude generated by a smile attracted the utmost and positive attention from the court members.
The crucial aspect of the whole part was my defense speech which was accepted, thanks to the grace of God. Afterwards the moment of truth came along right after I got chills sent down my spine and against all odds; my client was found not guilty. Within that moment I experienced the most powerful rollercoaster of overwhelming but happy emotion. For several days after that day, I was content to notice that the local newspaper kept on telling this wonderful story of justice.
From that day on, I learned that the power of a smile can change the world and help achieving every goal in life.
As the Founder of Ibtisama, it’s a mission for me to spread this message as widely as possible. With a beautiful smile, people will become more confident, more communicative and contribute to the beauty of the world.
Many of you certainly remember a story where the power of a smile contributed to a better world. We would be happy to read your story and publish it on our website, so that all benefit from it and never forget to share a smile for the best to come.
Maissa Fattal
CEO & Founder of Ibtisama

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